TUNA 460 DС AL” is a lightweight and comfortable boat with a spacious cockpit. With a maximum protection of driver and passengers behind the consoles from inclement weather and wind, there is enough operational space left in the bow cockpit for fishing or luggage transportation.

Design category C
Power supply 12 V DC
Maximum displacement, kg 954
Carrying capacity, kg 595
Passenger capacity, pers. 5
Curb weight (max.), kg 475
Maximum engine weight, kg 150
Engine power recomm., h.p. 50
Engine power, h.p. 70
Fuel tank capacity, l 58 (опция)
Dry weight (without engine), kg 280
Hull material 5083
Bilge thickness, mm 4
Deadrise amidships, ° 20,5
Deadrise at transom, ° 15
Transom height, m 0,51 (L)
Depth, m 0,85
Draft, m 0,32
Height overall, m 1,37
Beam waterline, m 1,5
Beam overall, m 1,84
Length waterline, m 3,93
Length of hull, m 4,585
Length overall, m 4,585