TUNA 455 M AL J-RUN” differs from the younger model “TUNA 400 M AL J-RUN” not only by the longer and more voluminous bow jar, but also by the presence of the convenient on-board lockers. Their dimensions allow to store long objects, rods and hunting weapons. The increased boat dimensions make it comfortable to stay aboard 2-3 hunters or fishers at the same time.

Design category D
Power supply -
Passenger capacity, pers. 4
Curb weight (max.), kg
Maximum engine weight, kg 55
Engine power recomm., h.p. 15
Engine power, h.p. 20
Fuel tank capacity, l -
Dry weight (without engine), kg 148
Hull material 5083
Bilge thickness, mm 3
Deadrise amidships, ° 7,4
Deadrise at transom, ° 5,5
Transom height, m 0,38
Beam overall, m 1,50
Length waterline, m 4,1
Length of hull, m 4,54
Length overall, m 4,7
Beam waterline, m 1,2
Height overall, m 0,5
Draft, m 0,16
Depth, m 0,49
Maximum displacement, kg 465