The classic (auto) configuration with a closed bow part and solid windshield is so loved by the older generation of water experts which exploit the boats from the Soviet era. But not less in demand in our days, especially in waters with a strong wave. The current owners of such hulls, in attempt to improve the characteristics of their boats, tune the glass itself in the first place: arrange a convenient passage to the bow deck and install an incut hatch into the bow deck. We have eliminated the need for such re-equipment of our boat by integrating in a basic set a passage window in the windshield and organizing a truly huge bow locker with hermetically lockable cover. With the getting out to the water at least once in the boat of such a configuration, you realize that unfading charm of the classics are not just words, but time tested competent solutions.

Minimum rolls in cornering, good stability, shallow draft and super-spacious cockpit – all these defines "TUNA 450 FC PL Nelma" as the boat which designed in the first place for fishermen and water tourists. The installation of the fuel system is available optionally: welded built-in tank capacity of 50 liters, a remote beyond cockpit filler neck and the fuel gauge.

Design categoryC
Power supply12 V DC
Carrying capacity, kg430
Passenger capacity, pers.4
Curb weight (max.), kg 545
Maximum engine weight, kg120
Engine power recomm., h.p.50
Engine power, h.p.60
Fuel tank capacity, l50 (опция)
Dry weight (without engine), kg329
Hull material5083
Bilge thickness, mm3
Deadrise amidships, °17
Deadrise at transom, °8
Transom height, m0,38/0,51
Depth, m0,775
Draft, m0,25
Height overall, m1,3
Beam waterline, m1,5
Beam overall, m1,77
Length waterline, m3,8
Length of hull, m4,5
Length overall, m4,52