TUNA 420 OC PL” is the cockpit arrangement, in which only a single driver's console is installed. With a minimum comfort level the cockpit remains free and spacious to perform the fishing and hunting tasks.


Design categoryС
Power supply12 V DC
Carrying capacity, kg430
Passenger capacity, pers.4
Curb weight (max.), kg450
Maximum engine weight, kg100
Engine power recomm., h.p.30
Engine power, h.p.40
Fuel tank capacity, l50 (опция)
Dry weight (without engine), kg308
Hull material5083
Bilge thickness, mm3
Deadrise amidships, °17
Deadrise at transom, °8
Transom height, m0,38/0,51
Depth, m0,775
Draft, m0,26
Height overall, m1,3
Beam waterline, m1,5
Beam overall, m1,77
Length waterline, m3,5
Length of hull, m4,2
Length overall, m4,2