TUNA 410 DС AL” is the most comfortable version of arrangement when both the driver's and passenger’s consoles are installed. And although the version of consoles without a window leaf and amidconsole wicket has a worse protection of crew from wind than a full glazing, yet this is significant increase in comfort than the fully open version. This is especially felt at full speed, above 50 km/h. And still, in the bow of the cockpit there is sufficient space left for fishing and working with tackle.

Design categoryC
Power supply-
Maximum displacement, kg550
Carrying capacity, kg400
Passenger capacity, pers.4
Curb weight (max.), kg 418
Maximum engine weight, kg55
Engine power recomm., h.p.15
Engine power, h.p.30
Fuel tank capacity, l-
Dry weight (without engine), kg150
Hull material5083
Bilge thickness, mm3
Deadrise amidships, °12
Deadrise at transom, °11
Transom height, m0,38/0,51
Depth, m0,707
Draft, m0,18
Height overall, m0,8
Beam waterline, m1,37
Beam overall, m1,7
Length waterline, m3,25
Length of hull, m4,16
Length overall, m4,16