“TUNA 410 СС AL” is a boat with a central location of driver's console. The console is made of the same aluminum alloy as the whole hull. There is a handrail made of pipe installed along the perimeter of the glazing. There is a roomy locker with hinged seat-cover in the front part of the console. Due to its excellent driving performance and moderate rolling, this version has earned love of fishermen which prefer to go for rest with a limited company of one partner or even alone. With the engine power of 30 h.p. the speed gaugings consistently step over the mark of 50 km/h.

Design categoryC
Power supply-
Maximum displacement, kg550
Carrying capacity, kg400
Passenger capacity, pers.4
Curb weight (max.), kg 418
Maximum engine weight, kg55
Engine power recomm., h.p.15
Engine power, h.p.30
Fuel tank capacity, l-
Dry weight (without engine), kg150
Hull material5083
Bilge thickness, mm3
Deadrise amidships, °12
Deadrise at transom, °11
Transom height, m0,38/0,51
Depth, m0,707
Draft, m0,18
Height overall, m0,8
Beam waterline, m1,37
Beam overall, m1,7
Length waterline, m3,25
Length of hull, m4,16
Length overall, m4,16